Our Story

Hello Rhymers, my name is Daneka!  I have been a passionate writer, true hip-hop head, crafter and rhymer all my life. When my imaginary career as a ghost writer in the rap industry stalled, I took to college at NSU. It was there in 2003, I earned my Bachelors in Mass Communications & Journalism and would soon began my plot for world domination, or so I thought. Instead, I tucked my dreams neatly in my Scooby-Doo Mystery Van, followed the call to action that beckoned me to join the workforce to pay back my student loans. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship was still ever present as I became a writer for hire for many years. Needless to say it was not enough to soothe the fire kindling in bowels of my belly.

One day I received a call on my "Bat phone" from a friend in distress. In a panic she explained that her roommate was in a blind rage because a guy she was dating broke up with her. The gull and disrespect was heightened by the fact he delivered the gut wrenching blow on her shared voicemail. She was furious as she rallied an army of supporters to conspire on how best to exact her revenge, when my name was offered up. To secure her faith in my keen abilities, my friend told tales of my legendary status in the game and how I had been praised by oppressed, and abused town folk for my quick wit and how she had come to know how I was skill in the art of maniacal gut punchery firsthand.

Now for some background, for years my friends, family and co-workers would solicit my aid whenever they needed to say something slick, funny or to completely eviscerate someone in an upcoming confrontation or whenever they sort to reengage a villain that bested them in the first round. I provided the ammunition to their gun to blast their opponents in their personal war of words. So as far as superpowers go, this is mine. And I must say, I delivered a death-defying blow to his ego and secured a win for the victim of this tragic episode and she went on to live and love again. Later she called to thank me and suggested I use my powers to serve the community at large.  So I took to the streets putting their cares in my cards and I got an overwhelming response. I learned so many people were tired of searching the card aisles for that perfect thing to say to their special someone, enemy or friend that speaks to what their situation is. A card they will keep forever.  My childhood dream was to write for other people be it comedy writing, ghost writing rhymes for up in coming rappers, screenwriting so I could be the first black female to have scripted comedy series on HBO. Thanks a lot Issa!  I have no problem being the 2nd or 3rd though someday. So that's my story. That " situation" gave birth to what is now Reason 2 Rhyme. Because everybody's got one.


Yes I write for the lovers and others, the confused, used and the abused,

whether you send good tidings or give them the blues.

So bring me your woes, your friends or you foes

then you decide if they get kisses or deadly blows.